Terms & Conditions

We wanted the Florica Socolescu Villa to be a bridge between the architectural and décor style of the 1920s
and contemporary, tasteful and functional interior design. The process involved a lot of hard work and we are
quite pleased with how the house turned out. That’s why we intend to keep a neat, clean and respectful atmosphere.

No smoking inside, but you can smoke on the terraces and in the courtyard.

No pets allowed.

The house must be left in the same condition as you found it, except for normal usage and cleaning.
Guest agrees to pay for the replacement of any missing, damaged and/or broken items (for example: cushions, artwork, kitchenware, linens, towels, damage due to smoke, new lock in case the key is lost, etc.)

Taking care of turning off the gas and lights when you don’t need it.

The guest agrees that he/she will not use this house to engage in illegal activity or to behave in an anti-social manner.

The guest agrees not to throw loud parties or engage in other acts that could cause damage to the property
or cause disturbance to the neighbors.

No parking on property. The free parking is available outside the courtyard.

How to properly use the fireplace

Enjoy our cozy replace during your stay with us, but please read and follow our recommendations.

This fire replace is not a heating system.
Do not let unsupervised children near the fireplace when it is lit.
Do not leave unsupervised flammable materials near the fireplace when it is lit.
If there is too much smoke, do not insist on lighting the fire. Although it is periodically and properly checked, the chimney may clog.
Before turning the fireplace on, make sure the fire extinguisher, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are working properly.
The air intake vent (the orifice at the base of the furnace) must not be blocked.
The air intake door located outside the house must be open.
Light the re using matchwood (if there are none inside, you will have to make some yourself) and two or three lighters.
The fire wood must be broken into thin pieces, because otherwise there will be a lot of smoke inside.
The flame must be clear and bright.
Never light the fire using softwood, flammable materials such as gasoline, diesel fuel or oils, plastic, materials that have been painted or chemically treated.
Gradually feed the furnace with one or two thin pieces of wood. Make sure sparks do not jump outside the furnace.
Do not overfill the furnace with wood, because it will emit a lot of smoke inside the room.
Use the safety grill. Handle it with gloves.
Do not let the fire unsupervised.
Let the fire burn out completely. Do not use water to put out the re. After it dies out and cools down, use the pan to clean the ashes, so that the fireplace is ready to be used again.
Vilegiatura does not take responsibility for any inconvenience.

How to safely use the sauna

Using the sauna improves your health and mood, helps you recover faster after an intense physical activity and
acts as a natural detox. Before stepping into the sauna please read and follow our recommendations.

The sauna is turned on by pressing the “ON” button and then the “START” button. The digital display will show the temperature rising.
The sauna takes 30 minutes to heat up.
The sauna is turned o by pressing the “OFF” button.
The sauna is not meant for persons under 16 years old.
The sauna must not be used by: pregnant women, persons who suffer from severe cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases, persons under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasodilators, stimulants,
narcotics or tranquilizers.
Because you will be intensely perspiring, you should hydrate yourself with two or three glasses of water before stepping in the sauna.
Before entering the sauna, please shower and dry.
Remove all jewelry and contact lenses.
Leave your slippers and bathrobe at the entrance.
For your protection and out of respect for others, please use a towel to sit on while you are inside the sauna.
The sauna is an electrical device.
Do not bring any flammable materials inside.
In the first minutes it is advisable to sit on the lower bench, where the temperature is lower.
Afterwards, you can move upwards, where it is much hotter.
Do not sit more than 10-12 minutes, and do not exceed 20 minutes. Prolonged exposure can cause dizziness and even fainting.
After you are done with the sauna, take a shower, drink water or unsweetened tea and eat some fruits.
Dry yourself, put some comfortable clothes on and relax.
After your session, do not forget to turn o the sauna.
Vilegiatura does not take responsibility for any inconvenience.