Florica Socolescu Vila is the first from the Vilegiatura series and was designed by Toma Socolescu, one of the influencers of Romanian architecture from the early 20th century. Located in the Cumpătu area in the royal city of Sinaia, the villa can host up to 10 guests and is ideal for those who seek comfort, elegance and peace of mind.   The Villa offers access to a generous private garden, with rich pine trees and a natural water spring.

The villa has 3 king bedrooms and a redesigned attic,  that is now perfect as a sleeping and playing space for children, two living rooms, a dining area with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, 5 bathrooms and a sauna. Ideally, the villa can house up to 6 adults and 4 children.

The Socolescu Suite

The Socolescu Suite is the main bedroom of the villa and is the only one that had a private terrace, with an exceptional view over the Bucegi mountains.

The bedroom has a private spacious bathroom and a queen size bed.

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The Brâncoveanu Suite

The ground floor bedroom – The Brâncoveanu Suite – is part of a private apartment, with a dedicated living room and a private bathroom. The design for this suite was inspired by the Neo-Romanian architecture, the bed having its frame rebuild from the original wood doorway dating back 100 years.

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The Boem Suite

The third bedroom – The Boem Suite – is an elegant space, in green and white tones, with a design that takes you back to the interbellic era, and is equipped with its own individual bathroom.

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The Cloud Suite

The mansard – The Cloud Suite – is designed to accommodate 4 guests, ideally children, in its four single sleeping spaces and its own private bathroom. From this part of the building the guests can admire the view in all of its glory.

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